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Friday, January 18, 2013

My Breakfast

Somebody might think that I have to suffer when I´m on a diet, but NO!
The first photo is of my breakfast today and the second show what I had yesterday.

I´m having a protein day today and I had a Galett bread with creamy low fat cheese,
Salmon, Cotton cheese and a sliced egg + coffee.
Such a big meal that I couldn´t have it all!

This I had yesterday when it was a protein-vegetable day;
 Galett bread with creamy  low fat cheese,
prawns, 1 egg and a few slices of cucumber on the top.

He,he! Brito think my diet is so luxury that he like to have the same, but 
he is too tiny to loose more weight. He ought to gain 5 kg more instead.

1 comment:

Sue Norm said...

Looks very filling. We eat a lot of eggs and fish.
Hope you do well on your diet. Xx