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Sunday, January 13, 2013

The Dukan Diet

This is how I´m gonna change these coming weeks! Watch out!

Time for me to loose weight. I´m on the Dukan diet again
Started on Tuesday and lost 2 kg in the attack phase that I, this
 time, stayed in for 4 days.
Oh this diet is so goood!!! I have lost the sugar desire and I never
have to be hungry.

My goal is to loose about 10-12 kilograms (about 1.5-2 stones)...and I hope to be there in March-April.
People who have a big overweight can, in the beginning, loose weight very quickly with this diet. I read about a man who lost about 5 kg per week (little bit less than a stone a week).

What do I eat then?
In the attack phase I have been eating mostly proteins;
egg, chicken, prawns, ground beef, fish. All without limit! 
cotton cheese and milk products with less than 5% fat.
Spices + a little bit of salt
2 tbs/day of oat brains + about 1,5 liters of water (3 small bottles per day).

Now I am in the cruise phase and I eat every second day like I did in the attack phase and in between the same + vegetables. I will stay in this phase until I reach my goal weight.
Then there are 2 more phases too, to help you not gaining weight again.

I feel so well! My feeling is; Nobody have to be fat!
This diet is so easy and works so well that everybody can loose weight.

If you like to know more about this diet google on ´dukan diet´.
There´s a lot of information and recipes  in many different languages. 

There´s a key to success, if you like to try it out:
"Keep your refrigerator filled with the stuff they say you are allowed to eat"! 
If you do so you can go there as much as you want and grab something.You can eat without limit! But I tell you! You will eat less than before! That´s how it works for me.
If you start feeling hungry and have nothing that is "right" in your house you will probably start eating the wrong things.

Make meet balls to keep in the refrigerator, and
buy roasted chicken and free it from the fat skin, and
keep defrosted prawns there too,+ boiled eggs
and make a Galett bread (typical Duncan bread recipe that you make in 5 minutes) and spice it with cinnamon and the sugar that the diabetics use to have it with coffee...etc.

The attack phase is only a few days in the beginning of the diet (max. 10 days) and then after that you also can have different vegetables like salat, cucumber, tomato, onion etc. every second day.

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Sue Norm said...

This sounds good. I will take a look. Do we get to see a photo of you Susanne before and after the diet,?