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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

21.000 visitors

It has passed 21.000 visitors!
Thank you so much for visiting my blog!

I have tried to keep a break from the blog this summer and
have only been doing a couple of posts per week.
It takes a lot of time to blog as much as I did last winter.

When you blog every day you have to live a lifestyle with your camera available all the time.
You don't really think normally when you easily start value everything you see and do.
And you constantly look for something to blog about.
You carry the camera with you everywhere and the blog is constantly in your thoughts.
I haven't decided how much I will blog the coming winter season but I think it anyhow will be more than now. We'll see.

We are right now busy planning for the winter season and have been out looking at different restaurants. We have got a few invitations but haven't decided where to go yet.
We like La Karina 1 very much but the problem there is that we only get to play three nights a week and we like to find a place where we can play five or six nights a week.
It only causes confusion when we move back and forth between different restaurants and last year many guests couldn't hardly find us and they went to the wrong place and had to take a taxi to find us.
Our goal is to find a place in Las Americas where we can play five/six nights a week and have a big dance floor.

If you are a restaurant owner and have a big restaurant in a busy area, with room for at least 200 guests, and a big dance floor, please contact us on our mail.


Sue & Norm said...

All sounds good to me. Makes sense to play at one venue.Good to know you will still be blogging.
Sue xx

liz said...

Hi just want to say thank you to Clas and Susanne for a lot of good nights linedancing in La Karina restaurant i met another two ladies their and we had a great time so any one looking for linedancing in Tenerife check it out