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Monday, October 26, 2009

A little "fox" visited us at La Karina last night.
It went around in the restaurant trying to swipe some of our guests to an other venue.
The impudence has no limit on Tenerife!
We were warned about it and because of that we were more on the alert than normal and could watch it from the stage.
We decided to not do anything about it this time. People are desperate and do whatever to get their businesses running.

I hardly couldn't sleep last night.
I was just laying in bed thinking about everything.
It's so much going on now and I am not used to live in this kind of turbulence.

I don't really know who to trust anymore.
People who you think are nice friends can suddenly show an other face behind your back.
I met a manager from an other restaurant on the street some days ago. This man has always been so happy talking to us and when I said hello to him he was almost hissing like a cat.
He also thinks we are a treat now and thinks we take all the tourists from him.

We moved down to Tenerife only to sing and play Country music, that we like, and now all this happens to us.
Enviousness is an evil illness. It obliterates the human sense.


Anonymous said...

This has happened before and I couldn´t believe it either. How they have the cheek to go into where someone is working and openly "poach" clients amazes me! They are really horrible and jealous people. It makes you feel like giving up sometimes. How would they like it if you did the same?

Anonymous said...

This person wouldn´t happen to be opening a new bar in Las Americas would they?