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Monday, December 07, 2009

La Karina 06.12.2009

We are now going for vacation and will be back at La Karina the 19th of December.

Our last night was a very busy night, like it has been the whole autumn, and the dance floor turned out to be too small again.
Many line dancers and couple dancers liked to grab the last chance to dance and the floor was sometimes so over packed and messy that we felt a little bit worried about how it all would end.
But fortunately everything worked fine and no fights came up.

It's not often people start fighting but it has happened when somebody, time after time, has been pushing somebody else in a bad way.
The most of the times the involved parts have started screaming bad words to each other.

There are rules about how dancers should behave on a crowded floor and the most important rules are that you try to give space to each other and avoid pushes.
The restaurants here on Tenerife don't have any uniformed men and we musicians have ourselves to act like the police when the floor gets messy.

When we see it gets too crowded we first always try to split the dance floor in two spaces.
One area for the line dancers and one for the other dancer. Sometimes people however are too drunk and they forget to stay on their space and it has happened that couples have been jiving in full speed straight into the line dancers so that they almost have fell over or been hurt.

Clas and I don't like that to happen and we have an agreement that we will stop the music immediately, even in the middle of a song, if we see this starts happening.
That's better, because it would not be fun if somebody would be hurted.

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