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Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Vacation day 2 and 3 (Tuesday and Wednesday)

It's really nice weather on Tenerife now.
A clear sky and about +25 degrees in the daytime.
I have been sunbathing on the balcony a couple of hours the last two days and tomorrow I have plans to go down to the beach and lay on a hammock the whole afternoon.

I have been doing a lot of Christmas cleaning in the apartment but there's still some work to do.
We have been out eating in the nights and been at the Scandibar with the Scandinavians.
Tonight we had homemade pea soap there and it was so lovely.

Friday I will go shopping to Ikea and Alcampo with Catarina and Clas.

Vista Sur Tuesday night.
I haven't seen the sea so calm before. No waves.


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