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Monday, December 07, 2009


Las Galletas.

I have been quite busy the last days and because of that I haven't had time to blog.
Not much of interest has happened, but I will give you a short update.

I know it sounds stupid but I don't remember what I was doing on Wednesday...
Maybe I only was out shopping...?

Thursday I visited a small town called Costa Del Silencio, with some friends.
We visited the Arico flea market that is located there but I only bought a nice copper plate.

Friday ( our day off) I was invited to Catarina.
We sat and chatted on her balcony and had some homemade chocolate "scrap" cake with champagne. Very delicious!
After that we went over to the Scandibar and later Catarina, Clas and me went by taxi up to a small mountain village called Adeje to have dinner at restaurant La Rambla.

Saturday I was doing some Christmas cleaning in the apartment + laundry.

Sunday I continued the Christmas cleaning in the apartment...


Sue and Norm said...

Hi Susanne,
This is Norman. What a beautiful view
of the harbour, but it looks very much like Las Galletas, not Silencio.
We love the video of you singing "Crystal Chandeliers" Have a good holiday. See you in April
Love to you both.

Susanne said...

Hi Norman,
Thanx for telling me the right name of the town.
You had an apartment over there didn't you?
I was told we will go to Costa Del Silencio and thought that was the name of the place...
You come back in April?! Nice surprise!
We look forward seeing you then.