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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Beautiful Nails

I had an appointment with the hairdresser today and he colored my hair and cut it.
A new thing at the saloon is that you also can have your nails done in the same time now.
I decided to have a French manicure and my nails turned out to be so beautiful that I thought I just have to show you a picture.

He,he! Clas will have to do the dishes now. My time at the kitchen sink will be shut down for a while, but I think that's fair. He is too spoiled!
It's my turn now to just relax and get everything served like on a silver plate.
I will for sure go on a spree and not bother about all 'must dos'.

No, the truth is that I can do whatever with these nails!
I did not put on acrylic nails this time.
It's only my own nails that are painted like acrylic nails. That's why they are so short.
I am a practical girl and to have too long nails would just make me frustrated when there is always so much that has to be done.

The life will for sure go on like normal...!
Oh, such a sad story this turned out to be!!!
Don't you think so?

By the way, I bought the two silver rings yesterday when I went out on a quick shopping tour with my friend Catharina.
She inspired me to start painting all the walls in the apartment and I would like to start doing it directly. Clas don't however like me to do it so I have to wait til after Christmas.
Then I will for sure start renewing everything!!!
I will also put up big golden ceiling strips and rearrange all the furniture.


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