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Friday, February 05, 2010

Crowded Nights

Watch Expedition Robinson at tv4.se.

We are very crowded in the nights at La Karina and its very fun to play.
Last night it was at least 100 people out on the street who couldn't get in.
It feels frustrating to see people have to leave and I can understand how frustrating it is for the people themselves when they have planned to come and spend the night with us.

We need a restaurant with at least 300 chairs this time a year and that's not easy to find.
We also need a bigger dance floor so that everybody could dance in the same time.
As its now we have to play dance music and line dance music on separate nights to avoid collisions on the dance floor.

To be sure you get in I recommend you to arrive before 8 o'clock.
If you like to be sure you get a table out on the terrace you need to be there around 7.30.
We start playing 8 o'clock and at that time the restaurant often is filled.

The waiters are very busy taking care of all the guests in the nights and it has lately happened that guests have left the restaurant without paying the bill.
It many times happens when there are bigger groups visiting us. Then its some couple in the group who forget to pay.
If the other people at the table not take care of the unpaid drink bill the waiters themselves have to pay it. The waiters have assumed the full responsibility, to look after that everybody pay, which is not easy when the restaurant is so crowded.

If you suddenly remember you have forgot to pay the bill nobody will judge you if you come back and sort it out. Sometimes people come running back the same night paying but it also happens that the bills are left unpaid which is unfair to the waiters.

We are off tonight and I will spend the night watching The Swedish Caribbean Robinson over the internet.
Have a nice night.



sue norm said...

Susanne that is a big problem when people don't pay their bill at the end of the night . In England we pay before we eat perhaps the owner should introduce that system. If you want to pay at the end of your meal then they either keep or swipe your credit card. Then there is no escape Hee Hee. If people are honest they won't mind.xxx

Susanne said...

Hi Sue,
I haven't heard about the system that people have to pay the bill before they eat...Maybe the restaurant owners in England have lost so much money, when people have been running away without paying,that they have had to create this system.
I would not be surprised if we also will get this system here on Tenerife in the future...