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Sunday, February 28, 2010

No Boyfriend!

Every now and then people ask me if I have got a new boyfriend yet.
In the beginning, after the divorce, I didn't really like to answer the question when I thought it was too personal. But people still keep asking and I understand it's quite an interesting question for many.
The answer is NO!

It's tough to go through a divorce and I am not even interesting in having a boyfriend at the moment. I am still confused and need time to get back into a normal life and become more stabilized.
I never thought I would divorce Clas. I believe in lifelong lasting marriages, but suddenly I just had to change my mind and when that happened I totally lost my footing.
To be honest with you I can't trust anybody at the moment.
I will now have a time on my own but of course I am interesting in finding somebody in the future.

It's the same like I told you about the business; He has to come to me! I will not go out hunting!
I strongly believe there is somebody with who I am a 'match made in heaven' and when it's the right time he will show up.
I will patiently wait until it happens.


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