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Sunday, February 07, 2010

La Karina 06.02.2010

This video clip was made last night at La Karina.
It was Saturday and a country and dance night and we were very busy.
The guests were dancing all the time and it was so fun to play.

In the beginning of the night it despite to everything was quite stressing when the artist in the neighbor restaurant was so loud that we hardly could hear what we were doing.
We even stopped playing for a while waiting for the problem to be solved.
Our restaurant owner had to pay two visits there before they turned down the sound a little bit.

Before that Clas had to take up our sound to a level where we never had been before.
Our speakers are pointed toward the stage where we stand, to avoid the sound to interrupt the neighbor, and my ears started aching terribly.
I thought the eardrums would break. It was hurting so much and I still feel a little bit deaf.

We normally keep our sound on a level that allows our guests to talk with each other but in the beginning of last night that was not viable.
The neighbor artist stopped anyhow quite early and after that we could take down the sound.

The problem is that our neighbor right now keep the speakers out on the lawn and they are in addition directed toward us. The artist there has to be extreme loud to hear what he is doing.
If he just would get the speakers pointing into their own restaurant and to himself the problem would be solved.
Sigh! This is Tenerife!

Please, click on the arrow to watch the video clip.
It was made after the sound war.

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