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Tuesday, February 02, 2010


I am sorry I haven't been blogging lately but I will now try to do my best and make a new start.
When and how often I will blog I haven't decided yet, but I will anyhow keep you updated if something special happens in my life.
(Hawk...I mean if it's not far too personal....)

I am now living alone here on Tenerife.
Clas and I applied for divorce already in December 2008 and now we have got the final paper from the City Court of Helsinki that says we are not married anymore.
In Finland you get a reconciliation period of up to one year before its over and that's why it took us such a long time.

The reconciliation is now over and we are still friends and will continue singing together like normal at restaurant La Karina in Las Americas.
We have all the time been entertaining like normal since the separation started 14 months ago.

Our daily life the last year has not been much different from how it has been the last years. We have spent all our spare time together, but now after the move we will take the next step and begin spending our spare time away from each other.
He,he! To continue like before would for sure make us singles for ever! Don't you think so? No, I'm joking!

Clas has moved out to an other apartment and I will continue living here where we lived before. We are both very busy preparing our 'new homes'.
I have been cleaning my apartment the whole afternoon. It was really dirty and messed up after all the boxes and stuff were carried out, but now it looks better and I feel so satisfied and will soon go to bed.

This is my first night sleeping alone since I came to Tenerife.
I am very tired which means I for sure will fall to sleep directly when I get into bed.

Good Night!



Unknown said...

I wish you luck with the future

Kiika said...

Hoppas ni båda mår bra! Jätte bra att ni fortfarande är vänner och kan umgås!

Susanne said...

Nikki>> Thank you so much.
Kiika>> Jo, vi är goda vänner och allt är väl trots allt.