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Friday, April 16, 2010


Last night I had fondue with a friend.
It was the first time he had fondue and he really enjoyed it.
It was so windy out on the balcony that we had to eat inside.
Fondue is one of my favorite dinners and I haven't had it since the end of last year.

After the meal we went out on town and we visited 'The Players Lounge bar' and 'The Claddagh Irish bar'. The musician at Claddagh is very good and I recommend everybody to pay a visit at this bar while you are on Tenerife. Specially if you like Irish music.
The bar is at the beach walk at Vista Sur where the big fountain is down at the shore.

Gerry sings *Galway Girl' at the 'Claddagh Irish bar'.

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Fondue Recipe said...

I love having fondue dinner with friends. Especially with those whom you sparingly see. It's like the perfect dinner setting to bond again. Intimate yet casual. You just chat to catch up with each others life as you cook and eat the night away! Love it!