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Monday, April 05, 2010

Back on the internet

Ye-haa!! My internet is working again.
I hope you all had a lovely Easter.
I spent the holiday working every night except on Friday when I went out for dinner with a friend.
We were eating at Toro Tapas and Grill in Los Cristianos and later we visited a couple of English pubs.

The days become warmer on Tenerife now and it's a real shame that I don't get out of bed early enough to get some tan out on the balcony.
I am still living my life in the style of the night owls which means I seldom fall to sleep before the early morning and wake up in the noon. But....I will do something about it soon!
If I just could get up around 10 o'clock I would be satisfied.

I had plans to go out for a meal tonight when it's the night off, but I am still sitting here at the computer. It's just so exciting to have internet again and there's a lot to catch up after being off for more than a week.
It's already after nine which means I have to hurry to get a dinner somewhere before the restaurant kitchens close.
Have a nice night.



tahirih-in-tenerife said...

happy (late) easter too you too. hope your easter was good too. i had my birthday on the 4th of april on the first easter day so my easter was lots of fun :-)
you still work at la karina? in june were back in tenerife.

Susanne said...

Hi Tahirih,
Yes we are still at La Karina.
I look forward seeing you in June.
Welcome to Tenerife,