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Thursday, April 08, 2010

Two New Linedances and Odd Outfits

I am doing rehearsal of two new linedance songs right now.
They are called; 'It happens' and 'Broken heels'.
It happens is a country song and the dance for it is called 'Rhyme or Reason',
Broken heels is a pop song with Alexandra Burke and the dance is now the number one on the top list of the linedancers magazine in England.

I think 'Broken heels' will be a big hit among the youths this coming summer and we will probably play it every night. The same with 'Bad Boys' which is an other linedance song with the same artist that I already sing in the nights.

By the way... I like to warn you about how we will look on stage from the beginning of next week.
I have been taken care of Clas' stage clothes until now and he has come to my apartment every night before work to be dressed in the same color as me.
Now he has, however, decided to start taking care of his stage clothes himself, and I just tell you to not be shocked if we show up on stage in clothes that don't match!
Imagine if he comes dressed in a pink shirt and me in a red one!
To be honest with you I am a little bit nervous about it and I'm brainstorming about how we can solve the problem to avoid a catastrophe.

I am sure some of our guests will start commenting how terrible we look if we don't match. People don't like changes and about two months ago when I for the first time went to La Karina without wearing my cowboy hat we had to explain why to the audience every now and then during the night.
People just kept walking up to the stage all the time looking shocked pointing out I haven't got any hat on.
Some thought I looked older without the hat and some said I looked younger which made me a little bit confused.
If everybody just would have told me I look younger with the hat on I for sure would continue wearing it. *smile*

The reason why I now sometimes leave the hat at home is because it's very warm to wear the hat when you do a lot of linedancing and specially during the nights when it's calima (the heat from the Sahara desert) with temperatures over +25.

Maybe I will stop using the hat soon. It sometimes feel stupid to stand on the stage singing pop songs wearing a cowboy hat and like it seams the time for the 'outfit show' is going to an end.
It will not look nice anyhow if I show up in a black hat and Clas in a brown one.
Yes, it feels like we slowly are breaking down some of what we have built up but that's life! The time changes.
Our plan is however to continue playing together for at least one more year if not something accidentally happens.

With the hat and without the hat.
Which one is better?



sue & Norm said...

You look good with or without the hat. I think to get your own personality back and be different is a great idea on stage . It time for a new beginning for both of you. xxxx

tahirih-in-tenerife said...

well the one with the had on is better :-)

a sugestion maybe you could sent clas on sms what color he will wear? so you won't have a mix colour like you come in yellow and he in purple :-)

Unknown said...

In those 2 photos with the hat is better.