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Friday, April 30, 2010

In A Relationship

I haven't been so active on my facebook and because of that I haven't really learned properly how it works.
Yesterday I anyhow discovered that I still had the statement on there that I'm married.
(We, Clas and me, applied for divorce already in December 2008.)
I went in and changed it to that I'm 'in a relationship'.
When you do that the massage is sent to all your friends in the community, which I didn't know, and I started getting comments like 'Good Luck' etc.
Thank you, by the way , for the nice comments and congratulations.

Oh, this really scared me when I haven't been together with my boyfriend for a long time and I started thinking "imagine if we figure out that we don't like to be together".
I told him what had happened but he just smiled and seamed more confused about that I haven't put up that I'm a single in between. Now it looks like I went from the marriage straight into an other relation which is not true.

It would maybe have 'looked better' if I would have said that I'm a single first and then maybe changed it to 'in a relationship' later.
But I have anyhow already told everybody who visit my blog that I have a new relationship and to put up on Facebook that I'm a single would then maybe have made somebody confused...?

It's sometimes difficult to be on public with your private life. You just don't know how much to tell and after you have published something you maybe become a little bit scared thinking you have said too much.
Is it only me having this problem?

Anyhow, I am in a relationship, but it's only in the beginning!!!!
We'll see if we work when we get to know each other better.
Right now it feels very nice.


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