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Monday, September 06, 2010

Fiestas Patronales 2010

The Fishermen days here in Los Cristianos are now finished. I got home a while ago.
A real good band from La Gomera, 'Orquesta Wamampy', was playing on the big stage tonight and people were dancing salsa everywhere on the big parking lot.
I had no plans to go out after work, but two Canarian guys asked me to come out with them. However we missed each other out in the crowd and
I met two other guys that I know and had some beer with them.
Tomorrow the life here in Los Cristianos will go back to the normal again.

The fishermen annually treat the Virgen Del Carmen, to whom they feel indebted for their livelihoods, to a trip out on the oceno in order to ensure safe voyages and
full nets for the coming year.

It’s a tradition which takes place in many of the coastal resorts here on Tenerife.

I've made a short video clip from the Fiesta fairground.
Please, click on the little arrow to watch it.