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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

It's A Tough Life To Be Off!

Last night I had roasted lamb again at
the Little Italy restaurant on Carl XXIII street.

I will very soon start preparing myself for the singing tonight but decided to write a post before I do.
I have been off two nights but think it's for sure more relaxing to work.
Then it's not much alcohol and party life. Sometimes I go out with friends after work, but then I only drink a beer or a small glass of wine...or a cup of tea...

I didn't get to bed before 5.30 this morning (started harvesting the crops in the Farmville game when I got home) but have slept the 7 hours I need and I really look forward to this evening.
More dancers have arrived to the island now and it's gonna be fun to meet them tonight.

Every year September is a line dance month when dancers specially from Holland and England come here to dance, but some years we have had dancers all the way from Australia too.
There are at least 20-25 dancers on the island at the moment, maybe more...?
I hope the dance floor is big enough tonight. It's not fun when people have to sit down only because there's no space on the floor.

Do you like to hear how my 'starving' is going?
I have lost 2,3 Kg so far, but the two last days the weight has been the same all the time.
I hope it will continue going down now when I go back to the normal life again.

I've tried to not eat so much, but there is a lot of calories in the beer and in the wine and I only have myself to blame the last two days.
But, I will not give up! Today is a new day and I will starve as much as I can this week.
2 more weeks and I hope I have lost 5 Kilos which is my first goal. Then I can start facing next goal. Oh, that will be so lovely! I feel so happy when I'm loosing weight!!!


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tahirih-in-tenerife said...

sounds lots of fun wish is was their too. here in my city and the cities nearby they don't got line dance clubs.

wow congratulations with losing weight. in tenerife its easy for me cause i eat salad every evening but since i'm back in holland its hard.