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Monday, April 18, 2011

Heavy Rains

I'm sorry I could not sing last night.
The roof at the restaurant is leaky and my sound system was watered during
the heavy rains in the afternoon.

The table cloth that is protecting the mixer from dust was all wet and only one
speaker is working.
I will go over there as soon as I've finished this post and see if I can get it working again.
I've got a spray that consume humidity so I will use that + my hair dryer.
I think there can be a lot of water inside the mixing console and
I have, of course, to get that out first.

Oh, I really hope for the best. It's the third time I get water into the system when it's raining.
I thought this time the equipment was in a safe area, but no.
I'm off tonight but I will tell you as soon as I know if I can sing tomorrow night.
Right now it's sunny but also a few clouds.

Have a nice evening.

All the speakers are now working except the bass speaker.
I think it also will start working as soon as it has dried up.
It's probably some humidity inside the amplifier?
I will sing tonight.(Tuesday)


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