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Friday, April 15, 2011

My Parasol

Oh I'm so happy! My big Parasol is working again.
Brito has fixed it and now it's like brand new.

After some thinking we also figured out how to take off the material and it has now been washed in the washing machine. Oh, what a project this has been!!!

I thought I must through the parasol away when two different men before did look at it and told me it's not possible to get it fixed when the grip was broken apart.
Brito anyhow just opened up the whole thing and took the grip to Jesus Castro who welded a new one. Thanx to Jesus! Without his input it probably would have been impossible!
I took some photos while Brito was 'hoisted the sail'.

The handle was broken but Jesus welded a new one, using the little
knob from the old one. Very cleaver!


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