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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

The Players Lounge

It's nice to dine here during hot summer nights.
The view of the ocean is just amazing and the beer is good and sparkling.

Please, remember Players Lounge while you are on Tenerife.
It's delicious English cuisine and the prices are not too bad.
A main course is about 10-12 Euro per person including the drinks, but
you can also have a 3 course meal with drinks for about the same price.
You find the restaurant at the seafront of the Vista Sur beach, where the big fountain is.
It's on the second floor.

I was here with Brito last Monday and had ribs like about 20 times before. They were so lovely!
If you are more into fish their Fish and chips is one of the best on the island too.
The English people just love it!

I'm sorry I forgot the camera and these photos are taken with my
mobile phone, which has got lower quality.

Darrel, the owner of the restaurant.


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Speed-Wiz said...

I ate at this restaurant once. Everything about it was great. Food, service, and atmosphere. I had some fish and it was soooo good! I hope to be able to return to the Canarys someday and if I do I am sure to go back to this restaurant again.