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Saturday, April 16, 2011

2 Nights Off

I'm off for 2 nights in a row now. Friday as normal but I'm also off Saturday!
It's only because it's an important football match between Barcelona and Real Madrid on the TV.
Many people watch it and it wouldn't anyhow be many guests on the Lewinski terrace.

An one time grill has been on my balcony for about 3-4 years and we, Brito and me, decided to make a grill party on Friday night, for the two of us, to get rid of it.
I prepared some fillet steak and put a pan filled with root vegetables in the oven and thought we quickly would get a nice meal without much work. He,he! It wasn't that easy at all!!!
The photos may tell you....

I cut a lot of different root vegetables into pieces and sprinkled some garlic flavored oil
+ salt and black pepper over. Then I put it into oven for 45 minutes in 210 degrees.
Very easy and very delicious!

We read the grill instructions and figured out the grill would be ready for use after
it had been on fire for 15 minutes.
The first problem occur when the paper on the top didn't burn correctly.
The idea is that the paper will put the carbons on fire but the paper was probably too dry after the grill has been for years on the balcony and it didn't burn as it should.
Then Brito got an idea. He put some of the liquid that we use for the fondue on the carbons and
we got a good fire all over it.
We waited for 15 minutes but it didn't seam ready so we waited for 10 minutes more...
Then I thought it looked nice and we put the meet on the grill.
After some minutes we figured out the temperature was not right and we decided to start up the frying pan on the stove instead, to be sure we will get a meal.

I made all the pieces, except one, in the frying pan.
One piece we decided to leave on the grill to see how the project would proceed.

We started eating the meal and I guarantee it was really nice.
After a while we checked out the piece that was on the grill. It looked to be well done.
We shared it and figured out the grill was now on the right temperature.
If we just would have waited a little bit more, the grill would have been perfect!
But, you learn well from making mistakes so next time we for sure will know it!
It was not a real big disaster anyhow when we both, in the end, were stuffed and satisfied.

We decided to end the meal with a Canarian coffee and an Orujo.
Very nice!

Brito brought a Mountain bike for me earlier in the week and during the coffee time
he started asking me when I last went on a bike.
Oh, that was a loooong time ago!!!!
I think it probably was about 7 years ago...!
He thought I could have difficulties to bike after such a long time and
after some talking I decided to give him a prove that I can bike.
It's a big arena inside the house where I live and we decided to sneak out there
with the bike and give it a try.

Brito told me to be very quiet when he thought it would be a big shame if
somebody saw me biking inside the house.
But how can you be quiet when you get an exciting experience like this?
I biked some laps laughing and giggling in excitement.
Then a dog started barking somewhere and a neighbor suddenly opened a door.
I quickly moved to the side where the neighbor couldn't see me and hurried toward my apartment.
I think Brito first acted like he don't know me, in case the neighbor had seen me, but then he quickly opened the door to my apartment and we sneaked in like nothing had happened.

Please, don't think we are crazy now, when I tell you this!
We don't act like this all the time!!!


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