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Saturday, April 30, 2011

This And That

My life here is just normal. I'm eating, sleeping and working.
Nothing special is happening and because of that I don't have much to tell you.

Yes, one thing is new, and that is that I'm now getting more apartments for rental.
I will tell you more in the next post...
Here some unpublished photos I found in the camera.

One morning around 8 o'clock, I went with Brito for a biking tour to Las Americas.
I was quite sleepy and when we got back I had to return to the bed for some more sleep.
I hardly can't believe I did it!!!

A dance group in the church here in Los cristianos.
The photo is from the Easter Sunday.

My breakfast a couple of days ago.

I had 4 small open sandwiches.
Two of them with 'gravlax' (salmon) which made it more luxury.

Our friend Pedro did bless us with one more home made cheese a la Canarias.
Oh, it's really delicious!!!

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