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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Brito Was Assaulted

When Brito woke up Sunday morning (about 8.30) he decided to go over to one of the apartments that we are letting out to change a lamp bulb. A Swedish girl would move in there in the afternoon.

Down at the bar, where we live, he was told that the police were looking for a crazy man who was going around in the town attacking people, but he didn't take much notice about it and continued the walk down to the apartment.

Outside the fuel station he saw a man standing on the street looking at him but he didn't think more about it and continued walking.

The man started following him and on the street outside Hotel Andreas. He was walking on one side of the street and the man on the other.
When Brito a little bit later walked into the street that is between Crisol and Fayser the man passed him.

In the end of the street the man suddenly stopped and started waiting for him.
When Brito came closer to the man the man started talking to him but Brito didn't understand what he said. He probably talked in a north African language because the man looked like he is from this part of Africa.

When Brito then passed the man he suddenly went after him and took a choke grip around his throat so that Brito couldn't breath for a long time.
He was very strong and Brito thought he would get a black out, but after a long while he finally got a grip around the mans leg and started bending it all he could.
This probably caused a lot of pain to the man and he loosed the grep around the throat a little bit and Brito turned around and gave him a smock in the face and then the man run away.

Brito sat down for a couple of minutes to breath and a woman who had been watching it stayed with him and asked if he's okay.
Then he decided to go over to the police station in the next block, that is behind the culture house. When he got back on the street outside the hotel Andreas he saw a man sitting at the street bleeding from the head. The crazy man had also been attacking him.

The police station was closed when it was Sunday morning so he had to call them instead.
After he had been talking to the police he went over to the medical center. He had a lot of pain and a difficulty to breath when the throat started swelling on the inside.
He got antibiotics and he's better now but has still got a lot of pain in the body and in the throat.

The police have probably caught the man, but we haven't heard anything about it.

People with mental illnesses like this should be locked in and not be able to walk around in the town.
They hear voices that tell them what to do and you can never be sure about what they will do next.
If the voice tell them to kill they will kill and they are very strong when they are in this mood and act.
They've got more power than normal and it can even be difficult for a group of many strong men to keep a crazy person like this down while waiting for the police.


Anonymous said...

Så fruktansvärt, jag har alltid kännt mig så trygg i los Cristianos oavsätt vilken tid på dygnet. Hoppas verkligen polisen har tagit honom och han får den vård han behöver. Hoppas Brito repar sig fort. Ha det så gott och hälsa Brito att vi tänker på honom.

Anonymous said...

men fy så otäckt !!
tur allt gick bra & hoppas Brito tillfrisknar från ch
ocken och smärtan fort..
Kramar till er moster / Angelica