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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Old Houses

This house in the center of Las Galletas has been evacuated but
how much protection will the fence and the nets be if the house comes down?

There are some old houses on Tenerife that better would be made stronger, or
taken down, in case there would be an heavy earthquake.
People are still living in some of them.

I wonder if all the old high complexes here in Los Cristianos will make it if there will be an heavy earthquake. Have they got a construction that is strong enough? If not I think the "Commmunidades" better should start preparing for this...just in case...
Some have started working on it while some keep quiet hoping for the best.

The house in Las Galletas has only got a function as a lamp holder.

Did the people leave in hurry?
The curtain was anyhow left on the outside when the window was closed.

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