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Saturday, October 01, 2011

A Lovely Day

The main beach in El Medano.

Yesterday when it was my day off I went with Brito down to El Medano.
We went to a restaurant that has a terrace down at the ocean.
The weather was just perfect and we had a lovely relaxing day.

Mi disfruting a glass of local vino blanco.

A snack of camarones is perfect a sunny day like this.

Brito jumped into the ocean to have a swim tour.

Somebody had thrown a pan into the water and the fishes seamed very hungry.
I decided to not have a swim at this place.

I asked Brito to pose for some photos...

After a while he turned out to become a tourist attraction!
A tourist (?), on the other side of the bay, also
started taking photos of him.
She had something looking like a paparazzi camera but I think my
photos are looking better than hers...?
Please, tell me if you see him in some tourist brochure or advertising.
They will for sure have to pay!!!

The waves were rollin' all over him like a water massage.

We ordered some 'chopitos'. Oh, I just looove them!!!

Later on we moved over to the main beach and I could have a swim
without thousands of hungry fishes around me.

I tell you, It was a looovely day!!!

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