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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Dia De Canarias 1

When we saw this beach two weeks ago we decided to go here one day for a picnic.

Oh, what a nice day off I had yesterday.
It was 'Dia De Canarias' and we went to El Medano for a picnic.
We went to the nice beach that we saw from the top of a
mountain a couple of weeks ago.

The beach is behind this mountain, Montana Roja, and
we had to walk for a while to get there.


There are a few nice beaches like this...

...but also nudists.

We finally found a beach where we could be for ourselves.

Brito and me.

The view from our camp.

We had a nice meal. More about it in the video clip below.

Brito had a swim. More about it in a video clip later on...

Two crabs on a date.
It's a male and a female.

The beach looks like this.

There's a lot of small water pools and we found some animals in some of them.
More about this in a video clip tomorrow...

There was some beautiful alga in some of the pools.

This animal is called 'erizo' and you will meat it in the video tomorrow...

Please, click on the small arrow if you like to see Brito preparing the meal.


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