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Monday, May 30, 2011

Playa Santiago

Red flag which means "don't go into the ocean'', but many people were swimming.
Playa Santiago has got a very nice beach but last Saturday afternoon, when we payed a visit,
it was very windy.

The beach has got the most of everything, like a swim-wheelchair for invalids,
shower and dress rooms, toilets and there's a complaint point were you can talk
to a person if there are things you don't like or things you think are dangerous etc.

There's a landing platform for helicopter in case of an accident.

Playa Santiago is the last place you pass before you get up to Los Gigantes.
You can see the Los Gigantes cliffs in the background.

We decided to have a tapas at this restaurants at the beach front.

It was very posh and everything tasted just perfect.
The beach has got the blue and white European flag too, which
means it's a very nice beach.

First we had 'Gambas al ajillo'.

Then we had 'Almejas a la marinero'. Lovely!!!


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