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Friday, May 20, 2011

My Balcony Furnitures

Oh, we have had a little special project going on here the last week.
I got a water blister on the thumb after the hard sand work but
the result looks great. We'll still have to paint the table with some wax to
give it a better surface, that is easier to keep clean, but now we wait for a
couple of days to be sure the oil totally has been impregnated.

I've been thinking about this project for months without taking any action but then Brito suddenly went and bought all the oils and stuff that was needed to get it done and now it's soon ready.
I think he's much more active than me. He always get a lot done while I mostly sit and dream about stuff. I have definitely got much more manana mentality than him.

Please click on the small arrow if you like to watch our hard work.

This is the oil that we have used.
You need about two cans for a table and 4 chairs.


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