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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Clas is NOT dead!

We have had guests showing up lately telling us they have thought Clas is dead!
They had been told so last winter when they went out to see us in Los Cristianos, after we had moved to Las Americas.

This is only a misunderstanding! Clas is still alive!!!
I will explain it for you...
The couple went to the restaurant where we used to play.
There a man stood at the entrance telling that the man who has been playing here lately died last night.
Chocked and sad the couple went back to the hotel, believing it was Clas, because we had been playing there during the last years.
Half a year later when the couple returned to Tenerife they got to know that it was an other cowboy who used to play there after we left, who had died. Not Clas!

A few other couples have also told us that they have heard that we had left the island and moved back to Finland.
He,he! This is Tenerife!
We have been on Tenerife all the time playing in Las Americas!
We didn't even get time to visit Finland last year.

Some people have also heard that we are playing somewhere up in the mountains.
What should we do there? There are no tourists staying up in the mountains of Tenerife and, of course, we play where the tourists are.

If you hear any kind of wild rumours this winter don't believe what you hear!
We are going to play at La karina 1 in Las Americas 5 nights a week and you'll find us there every day except Fridays and Mondays!
La Karina 1 is at the main road, going through Las Americas, outside the Elite Tenerife Sol hotel, neighbor to Veronicas and Pleasure Island.


Denise said...

Hi Susanne,
Are you moving from Lewinski's again? You say you are going to be playing at La Karina I.

Hoping to see you sing again in November!

Best wishes from Denise

Clas said...

No ... not dead yet ! I feel for a walk ....