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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

New top

Last week I got this nice top from a friend in England.
I promised to take a photo and show how it looks when I have it on.
It's very beautiful and there is a lot of black pearls and stuff on it but you can't see it on this photo. I like it very much!
Thank you Sue!

I look terrible on this photo!
It was taken when we got home from the work the other night and I look very tired and the make up is not the best.
The hair is sweaty when I have had the hat on all night.
Please, overlook these facts.
We look terrible every night when we get home from work.
It's still very warm nights and the spotlights even make it worse.
To be honest with you I long for some colder nights.
I'm so tired of the warmth.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Susanne i am so pleased you like the top, you look lovely.