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Saturday, September 05, 2009

Our night off

We are now off Fridays and last night we went to Las Americas to have the dinner at Greek Corner which is one of our favorite restaurants when it comes to food.
We have 4 nights of in a month and we go there at least one of them, sometimes two times.
After the meal we went over to La Karina to see
the staff and the owner.
Oh, we miss them so much! And I think they miss us too.
It was very nice to work at La Karina.
The staff there is like a family to us.

Me waiting for the starter at Greek Corner.

Me and one of the waiters.
By the way, when we started playing on Tenerife five years ago
Greek Corner was the place where we started.
We had only 20 songs and had to sing some of them
3 times in a night!
Now we have about 250 songs in our repertoire.

The starter of the "Mesa Greek Corner" dinner.
I recommend you to try this meal at least one
night while you are on Tenerife!
You get many small portions of different Greek specialties.

Clas and the angel of Veronicas.
On the way to La Karina we met this
cute little angel outside Veronicas.
She must be the most beautiful PR ever on Tenerife!
She had a lot of glitter on her skin, which made her shine like an real angel, but the camera didn't catch it.

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