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Saturday, September 19, 2009

Cute Dogs

Very cute!

Maybe somebody get angry at me now, but I don't like dogs!
I think some of them are very cute but I would never like to have one.

The cat is my favorite animal and I would like to have a cat if Clas just allowed me to have one.
He thinks the cats are as disgusting as the dogs are.
Our repudiation is because these animals have a habit to lick themselves and each other in the behind and then after that they lick your hand or, even worse, your face!

A woman we know kiss her dog straight on it's mouth and one day when we met her and the dog at a restaurant she shared a lollipop with it.
She kept the lollipop in her mouth, but every now and then she took it out and reached it out to the dog that gave it a couple of licks. Ugh!
I almost started vomiting but had to keep a poker face! I just could imagine all the dog behinds it had been licking on the way to the restaurant!

An other chocking thing that you often see here on Tenerife is when the tourists lay down in the dog piss.
An example; Sometimes the dogs like to wee-wee at the roots of the trees between Vista Sur and the Santiago 3 hotel here at the beach walk.
Many times the tourists lay out their towels on the lawn there, lay down and put their heads toward the trees where the dogs have been urinating! Ugh!
You just hope they will have a shower back at the hotel and not walk around with the dog urine in their hair!

The dogs here on Tenerife are also causing a lot of excrement on the pavement.
Look carefully when you are out walking because there is a high risk you will step straight into a dunghill. It's better now than before but it's still an ongoing problem.
Any how... No dog for me!

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