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Saturday, January 08, 2011

Bodega Vargas Again

Sorry I haven't had time to blog much...I will show you some photos from last Friday.
It was the day after 'The three kings' (Tres Reyes) and I went with
Brito for a meal up to Bodega Vargas.
Here some photos...

The restaurant was packed with Canarians.

We decided to sit out on the terrace.
I had to go water when it was my time to drive the car...

The weather was sunny and warm.

Canarian Cheeses.

Mojo sauces.




Guess if we were stuffed!
After the meal we just had to have a nap in the sun.
A guest in the restuarant had been watching us and he took on his own initiativ my camera that was on the table and took a couple of photos of us. *giggle*


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