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Monday, January 24, 2011

El Guachinche De Leti

This little poster, out at the road that leads you up to the place, is the only sign that
tell you there is a Guachinche. You can't see the restaurant from the road.
They also sell wine from their own 'Cosecha'.

Eating at Guachinches and Bodegas have turned out to be like a hobby for us.
Yesterday we tried out a new one and the food was very good.
This Guachinche is more or less impossible to find if you don't know where to look for it.
It looks like a barn or a stable from the outside and one of the walls inside the restaurant is the same as the wall of a big water reservoir, which is next to the house in the backyard.
The restaurant is quite popular and it was packed with Canarians yesterday.

The restaurant from the outside.

Very crowded.

As a starter we had 'Garbanzas'. Oh, it was so lovely!

Bread and Mojo sauces.
The green one is my favorite.

Then we had 'Cherne Guisado con Papas Guisadas'.
It's fish and Brito taught me how you should prepare it before you it.
First you sprinkle vinegar over the fish. Then you sprinkle Olive oil over it. Then you mash the small green pepper and move it around in the vinegar-oil sauce that now has run down on the plate. The more you move it around the more hot the sauce will be.
When you finally eat the fish and the potatoes you dip them in the sauce. Very delicious!
We started by making the sauce mild in the beginning and increased the taste of
it in the end. I recommend you to do so (if you're gonna try it) when it could be
too much if it's really hot in the beginning.

'Cafe Cortada Condensada'.
He,he! This was the first restaurant were we have been served cafe from a small cafetera.
The restaurants here normally have coffee machines, but here they make it in
the good old style and I like that.

The view outside the Guachinche.
It was raining while we were there but we could see the neighbor island La Gomera.
It's a bad sign when you can see the La Gomera island clearly from the shore of Tenerife.
The locals say it's like a forewarning that the weather on Tenerife will go cloudy with
a possibility of rains.

There's a big water reservoir in the backyard of the restaurant.

The cactus bushes have now got figs.
These fruits are very delicious when they are served cold.
They have got a lot of splinters and because of that you peel them in a special way.
First you cut of both ends. Then you grab the fruit with the thumb and the pointing finger at the ends and make strips along the sides and peel off or cut of a stripe at time.

Me dressed in jeans, like always when we go to Guachinches.
He,he! I don't think I anyhow fit in with the guests there.
They for sure think I'm a tourist when I take photos of everything I eat and
walk around like a paparazzi in the restaurant.
I'm like a specialist in making a fool of myself (read us). Poor Brito!


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