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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Lewinski 19.01.2011

Wednesday nights have at the moment turned out to become like
oldie goldie country and oldie goldie line dance nights.

If you remember how to dance the old line dances you will probably like the Wednesdays.

I made a short video clip last night when a few of the dancers were dancing 'Stayin' alive' which is
the line dance that John Travolta did in the movie 'Saturday night fever'.
In this video clip we dance it to 'Island in the sun' , a song by Harry Belafonte.

The most of the line dances I sing on Wednesdays are 5 years old or older and I mix it up with some good old country songs to which you can do smoochy and jive.

On the other line dance nights I alternate between the old line dances and the new ones that are on the top list in England (including pop songs). I try to keep it 50-50%.


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