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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

My Night Off

It's already Tuesday, but it's in the middle of the night.
I will make a quick blog before I go to bed...

This was really a different Monday, but very fun.
Here some photos...

First I had ribs and salad at Players Lounge.
A lovely meal!

Then I went over to Scandibar for a while to see all the friends over there.
Clas was singing there last night.

About 10pm I went with Jukka, Marcus, Jonathan and Pelle (4 Scandinavian guys)
over to The Irish Times bar.
Pelle (with the red guitar) did play a couple of songs with the band.

Me with "two stars" ; Marcus (owner of the Finish restaurant 'Kippis' in Las Americas),
and Jonathan (Finish championship in Mens 200m run, 2010).

The audience at the bar.

Clas also joined us after he had finished the work.
Jukka, Clas, Jonathan and Marcus.

Marcus and me.

Please click on the little arrow to watch the video clip of the band.



Sue & Norm said...

You look like you are enjoying life to the full.Good for you :)Happy 2011xx

tahirih-in-tenerife said...

looks like a very nice meal you've eat :-)