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Saturday, January 01, 2011

Guachinche El Cordero

Oh, this is almost turning out to be a dining blog!
I eat and eat and there's not much else to tell you about.
I have plans to return into the diet after 'The three kings' holiday.
It's not possible to be on a diet during this time in the year.

Today I have been eating with Brito at a Guachinche again.
This time in a restaurant called 'El Cordero' in Guargacho.
Everything we had was nice.
This restaurant, that is located on the right side of the road when you go from Las Chafiras down to Guarcgacho, is very popular among the Canarians.
There is a couple of trees out at the road that are cut like a sheep and I think it's quite easy to find the place if you keep this in mind.

The entrance to the Guachinche which is the biggest one I've seen so far.
The Guachinches are normally very small, but this one is very big.

The restaurant was crowded.
The floor is only soil. Very special!
And the roof is made of bamboo.

First we got bread and Canarian mojo sauces.

I liked to try a Canarian soup as a starter so we ordered 'Sopa de pollo'.

After that we had 'Chuleton Novillo a la brasa' with 'Papas Arrugadas'.
It was a nice meal and we will for sure be back.


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Leila said...

This is a lovely place. We found it some years ago and they do have lovely food. I was wondering what was going on there - it has been so crowded with cars since this autumn or maybe before. Is it just the customers that has increased so much?