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Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Bird House

It´s Sunday evening on our paradise island.
When we woke up this morning the winds had increased quite a lot.
We understood we would never be able to get to the mainland what ever happens.
We´ve only got the small boat. The bigger one is still up on the shore and it will not be put in the sea this summer. We have to be careful in whatever we do, to be sure we are on the safe side.
The day has so far went well and we are in a good mood.

I decided to start fixing the bird house which had lost the bottom.

There was a perfect piece among the sauna wooden that I did saw yesterday.

After an inspection I figured out how much shorter it must become to fit in.

This saw is lovely. Very easy to handle and it was just like to cut a piece
of cake to get it in the right length.

My dad was a cleaver man. He had used a couple of steal threads to keep the
bottom in place. Because of that it will be very easy to open up the bottom
every year, to clean the bird house inside, and I did not even have to take the
house down to get it fixed. Very nice!

He,he! I´m quite proud. I made it!!!
The bird house is now ready to get new guests next spring.


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