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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Seaport Hotel in Turku

It says; Dear Susan Holm, welcome to be our guest... (The text is in Finnish).

I checked in at the Seaport hotel in Turku a couple of hours ago.
Tomorrow morning I´ll board the Galaxy cruise ship and head for Stockholm, Sweden.
I´ll be back at my mams house in a couple of weeks.

It´s a lot going on this time while I´m in Finland and
I will not return to Tenerife before in August.

My son Mattias and his girlfriend Pia have started planning their wedding
that will be held Saturday the 30th of July, in Korsnas.
Their newborn son will also be baptized at the same ceremony.
And I will of course be there...

This is the dinner I had tonight, here at the hotel. It was nice.
Chicken breast with a sauce of the typical kantarell-mushrooms of Finland.


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