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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Very Windy

Oh, tonight it´s very windy on the island.
We had to take the terrace that is on the backside of the house in
use, to get the dinner prepared.

What a difference it was! Here the sea almost looked like a mirror.

I started up the barbeque. My dad has a big gasoline grill here on the island but
nobody of us know how to use it. We must do it in the old style.

We had pork with potatoes, salad and a Cream fraishe sauce.

My mam made for desert Mascarpone with strawberries and
a shot of Vana Tallin liqueur from Estonia.

Now we are listening to the radio weather forecast for tomorrow.
They say the wind will only be up to 12 meters per second.
If they are right we probably will leave the island tomorrow night and
return to my mams normal house in Petalax.


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