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Saturday, July 23, 2011

On The Island

Yesterday I returned to my mams house in Finland.
I have been away for about 10 days and it feels good to be back again.
There are still some stuff that have to be solved after my dads death and directly after I arrived we went to the funeral company and ordered the stone that will be placed at the grave.
Oh, to be honest with you I think it´s quite expensive to die.

Today I´ve been to Vasa with my mam shopping the clothes we will wear at the
wedding on next Saturday.
We were both very satisfied with the dresses and jackets we bought and I
found some extra pieces too.

Many years ago my mam and dad bought an own island in the archipelago outside of Vasa.
There is a little summer house with 2 bedrooms, kitchen and a living room.
To get there you have to cross the sea by boat for about half a mile (about 750m), after you first have traveled with a cable ferry for ten minutes over to an other bigger island called Bergo.
This is where I am right now together with my mam.
Directly when we came back from the town today, we decided to move out here.
We packed all the suitcases and bags in about 45 minutes and left and now we will stay here for a few days, maybe til Monday or Tuesday night.
It´s very different and relaxing to stay here. We have as an example no running water and the toilet is just a small house in the backyard, but we have got electricity and a sauna which is heated by logs. Tomorrow we will have a sauna bath in the afternoon and a special
dinner in the night.
I´ll try to remember to take some photos to show you...

The terrace.
There´s actually an other one in the backyard too.

The view from the terrace.
Tonight we decided to have a small barbeque for the two of us.

We were eating outside when the weather was just perfect.

First we had grilled halloumi cheese and salad.

Then fillet steak with a lot of black pepper.

As a desert we made grilled bananas filled with chocolate.

The nights are still quite light here in Finland.


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