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Saturday, July 23, 2011

The Life On Our Paradise Island

The house.

Oh what a day it has been here on Finngrynnan, which is the name of the
island here in Finland, where I at the moment stay with my mam.
It was very hot in the morning til the middle of the day but
in the afternoon we got thunderstorms and heavy rains while we sat in the sauna.
Everything that was outside on the terrace became wet, even when it
was under the roof, and we got a lot of extra work to take care of it.

The sauna house.

This is the restroom.
The black thing on the wall is filled with water and you can
wash your hands here after you have payed a visit.
The small blue carpet is handmade. I think it´s so beautiful.

He,he! I´ll show you everything...!
This is the throne.

Because my dad was ill this year the bird house was not fixed.
It has lost the bottom and is empty of birds.
I have a vision to take it down and fix it. Maybe tomorrow...?

My dad has made this bird feeding automate.
Mam fills it with sunflower seeds every autumn and it´s
always empty in the springtime.

This is the smoke oven where my dad used to smoke the fishes.
He made the oven himself.

You put logs on fire inside this little oven and when the hot smoke passes the
oven, where the fishes are hanging, they become prepared.

Today I was sawing some wood for the sauna.

I like all this kind of stuff that you must do on the island.
It´s relaxing work and very different from my normal life on Tenerife.

Today we also had a "fresh up bath" in the sauna.
This is the sauna heater.
We put rain water, which is collected from the house roof during
rains, into the boiler above the stove. By doing this we get warm
water for the bath. We mix it up with cold water, in a big wash bowl, til it gets the
right temperature...and then we poor it over ourselves, by using a bucket, to
wash away shower cream and shampoo. It´s a well working procedure.
The life here on the island is in many cases like it was 100 years back in time...
(Except the fact that I´ve got internet here)...
But, oh how I like it! To be able to live like this for a short time is luxury for me!
The closeness to the nature and the sea is so relaxing.
It´s an experience I wish would be available to everyone.

In next post I will show you some of the flowers that are blooming here at the moment.


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Kninja said...

I loved seeing these things. You are right; the rug is beautiful, and these kinds of chores are relaxing!