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Monday, July 16, 2012


Every day we find something to barbeque and we make a grillparty for the two of us....But there´s one problem...I make too much food (my mam eats like a little mouse) and we get a lot of left overs....I think it´s because I ones before did live with a person who was eating a lot and then I made food for 4 people for the two of us....or....Do you think it´s because I like to eat big plates myself?

I have anyhow forbidden myself now of buying more Finnish chocolate.
The first week I had about 1kg (2 Lbs) of Tupla, Fazerina, Patkis and Fazer chocolate + salmiak.
That´s life when you live on Tenerife and get home to Finland.
I just hope I will get into my stage outfits when I get back home and
 start singing again.
If I don´t I have to face plan B and that´s: -Get back into the diet! *sigh!*


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