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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Sunny And Chilly

The backside of the island.

It´s sunny on the island but only +13 degrees and the wind is 8 meters/second.

 I went for a stroll around the island with my brother Tore and their dog Vicky but
they had to stop in the middle of the seagrass field when there was a few inches of water and he only had the sport shoes on.

Vicke dressed in it´s life jacket.

Poisonous mashrooms.
When you step on the white ones a cloud of smoke comes out.

Elk ´pearls´.
A few times my parents have seen elks on the island.
I´m so scared if I have to visit the loo late in the night....
I think there might be an elk or a bear in the yard and because of this I start longing more and more to the civilisation. It´s nice to be here but the lack of a shower and a normal toilet is too much every time you stay for more than 2 nights...I´m too spoiled with the confortable life that I normally live and I think it would be the same for the most of you if you would stay here.

Chicken wings, halloumi cheese wrapped in bacon slices, pork and apple slices.


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