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Wednesday, July 04, 2012

The Grill

We arrived to the island in the afternoon when we had some
 ´must do´s´  to fullfill in the morning.
The weather is just perfect for being here now.
 We have been sitting out on the terrace the whole evening chatting, barbequeing and eating.

My sister and brother have bought a new barbeque grill to my mam, that she can keep on the island.
There is a gas grill too, but we don´t know how to use it and last summer we were bringing the small grill that is in her house back and forth to the island when we only had one to use.
Anyhow, this evening before we started making the dinner we had
to put the new grill together.
I tell you, it was not the easiest thing!
In the beginning we ended up having a couple of pieces that didn´t fit in and we thought one piece was missing... but after we had been screwing it together and apart a couple of times we finally got all pieces in place and no pieces were missing.
Very cleaver! We both agreed that we are not too bad, and said there are for sure men who wouldn´t have made it whatever! =)))

The grill.

There were many pieces from the start.

 In less than an hour we made it!

It worked perfect.

But like you can see I burned some of the wings when it suddenly went on fire after I had placed them on the grill.

The meal was anyhow delicious!!!!
We have had a lovely first day on the island and now I´m going to bed...
Good Night!


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