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Thursday, July 05, 2012

Lovely Weather

 Oh, it has been a lovely day on Fingrynnon (my mams island).
No wind, only a breeze and about +26 degreese.
And we got a nice surprise.
My brother Tore and his wife Ulla and their dog Wickie visited us.
They were out driving their boat around in the arcipelago and decided to pay a visit.

My mams new boat.
An other new thing this summer is that she has bought a floating landing stage.
It´s very easy now to get in and out off the boat.

 Today we had fish...A very delicious caserole made in the oven
 I will make it for Brito when I get back to Tenerife... He just have to taste it!
My mam is a good cook.

Rhubarb pie with vanilla cream.
I haven´t had it for many years and it was lovely.


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Sue Norm said...

I would love top have the recipe for the Rhubarb pie. Any chance you could put in one of your blogs . xxxxxxx