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Monday, July 09, 2012


 The island.

Now my sister Carola and her husband Calle have visited me and 
my Mam on the island.
We have had guests on the island every day so far and before them my son
 Mattias, Pia and my grandson David visited us.

We decided to do some fishing with Carola and Calle, just for fun. 
We went out on the sea in the night and layed a net (sikkrok) and
 in the morning we had caught a lot of fishes. 

Calle is laying the net.

 You must put out a flag to warn the boat drivers about the net.

It was Mam, Carola and I  (three women) who went out on the sea in
 the morning to drag the nets. Mam and Carola are like real fishermen even when it´s only a hobbie and I was fishing a lot too, about 25 years ago, when I lived with my first man with who I´ve got my two sons.
With him I was fishing Baltic herrings in a proffessional way with big net bags that could carry up to 1500 kg (3300 lb) fishes at one time. But we were also fishing with normal nets.
Here in Finland the women are tough and to be honest with you we can do the most of everything.

This is an Abborre (perch).

This fish is called mört (roach).
 It has got too many bones inside and because of that nobody like to eat it.

The water in the sea is at the moment warm (18-19 degrees) and because of that about 10 fishes in the net had died and  they were thrown back into the sea like you can see in this videoclip...
Please, click on the small arrow if you like to watch when Carola is draging the net.


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