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Tuesday, July 03, 2012


Now I´ve got internet here in Finland.
I took this photo on the train yesterday but the time went quickly and
 I didn´t get it published before I had to leave.
Like you can  see I´ve got a new computer again.
I bought this one the day before I left Tenerife.
 It´s white and siver and I think it looks so beautiful.

The train station in Vasa where my mum and sister came and pick mi up.
I´m, at the moment, at my mums house and we have plans to move out to the
 island tomorrow, for 3-4 days.
Today we only have been relaxing and made some barbaqueing.
Nice weather; Sun +22 degrees.



Sue Norm said...

Hello Susanne and all your family :+)).
We hope you have a fantastic time back home. Looking forward to seeing the photos of you and your Mom on the Island. Perhaps some photo's of your sister too.
I really miss it when you don't blog.
What will Brito do without you ? Bet you will miss one another. :+((.
Love the new computer, i would like a laptop.One day maybe .
Keep that voice of yours well oiled while you are away love to hear you sing .
Love Sue & Norm. xxxxx

Carola said...

Maten ser läcker ut....snaps första kvällen??? :))

Susanne said...

Sue> Thank you,Xo
Carola> Det var ju mammas ide´!!!!
Hon hade en vanilj snaps som hon ville att jag skulle smaka. Jag ar ingen snapsare, men smakade lite for sallskaps skull, kan man saga...