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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hot nights

Oh, the counter has passed 19.000 visitors!
Thanx a lot to you all!

The nights are much warmer now than in the wintertime.
When we get home from work we have to take of the clothes directly and go straight into the shower to cool down.
To be honest with you it's very "sweaty" to dance and entertain when it's so warm.
I have to wash all the clothes after every night!

After having the shower we sit out on the balcony evaluating the night having a night snack.
I can say our life is back to normal again.
It's good to be on vacation, but oh, how I like to be back on the stage again! It's so fun!

It's still very quiet on the island and we have only about 60-80 guests per night.
In the winter time we have about 200 guests per night.
But we should not complain when we probably have got most guests of all the restaurant here in the south. The tourists who are here now seam to like Country and western music.

The last nights we have played line dance songs the whole nights through.
Some of the line dancers come to Tenerife in June every year and it's so fun to play when they dance.
We have had dancers from England, Scotland, Holland and Germany this last week.

We both feel that the nights pass too quickly now and we could gladly play for at least one more hour per night.
I am also happy when I think I'll probably start loosing weight again when I dance so much.

The only bad thing is when we every night stop at the 24 hour market, on the way home, and buy chocolate bars that we throw in before we go to bed. *sigh!*

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